Today at INVEST Digital Health virtual Day 3: A debate on the future of health insurance

Venture capitalist Michael Yang, Managing Partner, OMERS Ventures, and healthcare entrepreneur Shawn Wagoner, Chief Revenue Officer, Bind Benefits, will debate how the future of health insurance can be reimagined and the limits to doing that. It will be followed by a networking event on the Remo platform.

At MedCity INVEST Digital Health virtual, which runs through September 25, you’ll hear from leading physician executives, payers, active investors and the most promising digital health startups aiming to solve some of healthcare’s greatest challenges. We also spotlight startups across four tracks of digital health as part of the Pitch Perfect competition.

Click here to see agenda for the week.

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Here’s what’s happening on Day 3, starting at 3pm ET:

VC Versus Entrepreneur: A Debate on How the Future of Health Insurance Can Be Reimagined

In this debate, an entrepreneur will argue that consumers are ready to be active healthcare consumers, and better insurance design – one that illuminates treatment options with clear prices so consumers know the cost upfront and can make better decisions in advance of care – is the way to get there. A venture capitalist will argue that the world of insurance is indeed so complicated that no amount of improved design will do and that consumers need advocates to make prudent decisions that ultimately lower costs overall and for them.

Moderator: Alyssa Jaffee, Vice President, 7wireVentures
Shawn Wagoner, Chief Revenue Officer, Bind Benefits
Michael Yang, Managing Partner, OMERS Ventures @yangbness1

Following the debate, there will be a two hour networking session on the Remo platform from 4pm-6pm ET sponsored by Deloitte.

Sponsors for the conference include: UnityPoint Health VenturesFredrikson & Byron, and Deloitte.

All the sessions will be recorded and will be available to attendees upon request.

Tickets are available so register now.

Picture: Ieremy, Getty Images