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Rethinking pharma CRM: It’s not just for sales anymore

Salesforce reimagined a healthcare CRM bringing actionable information into one place to enable improved internal and external collaboration, communication, and smarter, data-based decisions.

Pharma companies’ efforts to develop a better understanding of their customers have faced challenges of navigating disparate, aging systems that make this process time-consuming and inefficient. The massive consolidation trend in healthcare also risks wrongfooting pharma businesses with out-of-date information and adds to the complexity of this challenge.  Salesforce is seeking to remedy these problems with an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform to unify provider, patient, and partner information. It is intended to provide valuable insights into providers and track marketing and sales performance.  An omni-channel strategy can help pharma companies to reach providers and distributors with the right message. Salesforce’s CRM platform helps generate data insights from interactions with provider sales and medical affairs staff as well as patients. It tracks marketing and sales performance to boost business with built-in analytics and artificial intelligence. Applying the CRM to patients can help companies to scale therapeutic-specific programs, which can reduce operational costs. Service agents can create more personalized experiences for patients by coordinating insurance verification and copay programs, and track program performance. A patient portal as part of the CRM increases visibility and transparency. Improving clinical trial development is another facet of the CRM, which can also reduce the costs or doing these studies. By making it easier to recruit participants, support collaboration, provide transparency into participant experience through the patient portal and real-time reporting.
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