MedCity Pivot Podcast: Sean Slovenski wants to create a diagnostics world minus the laboratories

Slovenski left his perch atop Walmart Health last year to join a diagnostics company that has been around since 2005. In our latest podcast episode, he talks about the future of the diagnostics industry and his ambitions for a wholesale reinvention.

Last year, Sean Slovenski left Walmart to join a company in the world of diagnostics at a time when the industry became front and center to managing the Covid-19 pandemic. From his perch as president of  Walmart Health, Slovenski realized that the traditional players had proved unequal to the task of mass and pervasive task.

So he decided to jump ship and landed as CEO of BioIQ, an Atlanta-based diagnostics service company whose founder he had known for years. In MedCity’s latest Pivot podcast episode, Slovenski describes why he believes the diagnostic industry failed in testing last year and how he imagines a world without labs altogether. Listen below.