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Startup building the ‘ of healthcare’ raises $12 million

 Seqster, a San Diego based company looking to build a platform for patients’ health records, DNA data and wearable data, raised $12 million in a funding round led by OmniHealth Holdings.

Several tech companies, from Microsoft to Apple, have tried to “fix” medical records, looking bring information scattered across multiple systems into one place. But so far, that goal has proven elusive.

Now, a startup called Seqster that’s building the “ of healthcare” is giving it a try.

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The San Diego-based startup recently raised $12 million in a series A round led by OmniHealth Holdings. Takeda Digital Ventures and Anne Wojcicki, 23&Me’s CEO and founder, also participated in the round.

The startup plans to use the funds to build out its platform, which pulls in information from patients’ electronic health records, genomic data and wearable device data. Healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other organizations pay to offer it as a service to their members. Seqster claims it connects to more than 4,000 hospitals and 150,000 clinics.

Research collaborations are another key part of Seqster’s business. Since the start of the pandemic, it has been working with more biopharma companies to support remote clinical trials.

It struck an early partnership with Boston University to try to identify digital biomarkers for traumatic brain injuries, and more recently began working with Takeda to reduce the time it takes to consent patients and bring in data during clinical trials.

“Seqster was built on the foundation that real-time access to a patient’s complete medical history can solve major pain points across the healthcare continuum, impacting lives at scale,” Seqster CEO and Co-Founder Ardy Arianpour said in a news release. “We are excited to have investors who are experienced operators and who share our mission and vision to change the way an enterprise or a patient can capture, refine and manage a multitude of disparate data sources in real-time, and present that aggregate in a way that solves real healthcare challenges.”

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