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Independent validation shows Hello Heart can save employers an average of $1,865 per patient

Validation Institute confirms study findings that Hello Heart ’s AI-driven, smartphone-based solution saves employers an average of $1,865 per year for each participant who used Hello Heart by reducing trips to the ER, emergency surgeries, and imaging diagnostics.

Digital heart health management solution company Hello Heart received a Level 1 – the highest possible validation and credibility certification savings – from Validation Institute for its technology announced in late January. The institute independently validated employers saved on average per participant per year $1,865 due to Hello Heart’s AI-driven solution for heart care.

The smartphone-based solution works by utilizing AI combined with behavioral science and digital coaching to support participants in lifestyle changes that can reduce their blood pressure. Additionally, through its AI-driven technology, Hello Heart can predict serious heart issues prior to them occurring.

The independent evaluation by Validation Institute’s health scientists corroborated data from a control study with client medical claims data from self-funded employers in the years 2017-2020. For every employee who used  Hello Heart, the  company saved $1,865 per year or 19% of total medical claims spending” per the news release. That is largely the result of users avoiding expensive surgeries and invasive procedures.”

“Our population health scientists found that Hello Heart users have lower medical claims than matched non-users, driven by lower use of high-intensity care — such as surgery and emergency room visits — and diagnostic services,”  said Benny DiCecca, Validation Institute CEO and president in a news release.

Hello Heart ’s AI-driven, smartphone-based solution encourages patients to visit their primary care physician more often for preventive care. The program also helps patients avoided some costly surgeries, emergency room visits, and expensive diagnostic imaging. Savings broke down as follows: $516 per participant per year in surgery and inpatient savings; $304 per participant per year in emergency room savings; and $878 per participant per year in imaging diagnostic savings.

“People with uncontrolled blood pressure can often go through invasive and unnecessary procedures that can not only be dangerous and painful, but can cost over $150,000 per surgery,” said Maayan Cohen, CEO of Hello Heart in a news release. “Our clinically validated solution helps to avoid this. Hello Heart participants had fewer surgeries, fewer emergency room visits, and shorter hospitalizations. Rather, they visited their primary care physician more often, indicating a renewed interest in proactively managing their cardiac health before it gets out of control.”

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In addition to the financial benefit, the additional visits to primary care providers as a preventive measure supports improved long-term health outcomes for participants.

“High blood pressure is a leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Uncontrolled hypertension can lead to heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and kidney disease,” said Dr. Sanjeev Aggarwal M.D., system chief of cardiovascular surgery and clinical innovation officer at Beaumont Health, and medical advisor at Hello Heart in the news release. “Interventions that focus on prevention and management – like the Hello Heart program – can provide early detection of hypertensive crises and irregular heartbeats and allow people to potentially avoid the complications of advanced heart disease, invasive procedures, and surgeries.”

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