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MedCity Pivot Podcast: Discussing point-of-care ultrasound with the CMO of Butterfly Network

In this episode, I speak with John Martin, chief medical officer of Butterfly Network about how it is trying to transform the practice of medicine through a handheld ultrasound probe and data platform.

The digitization of care has led to the creation of products and services available at the point of care that until now were the domain of large, clinical facilities with expensive capital equipment.

One company leading the charge has been Butterfly Network, the Guilford, Connecticut public company, that has created a handheld probe capable of doing full-body ultrasound either at the bedside or point-of-care. The Butterfly iQ+ is a prescription device and is meant to be used only by trained healthcare professionals.

The company began with the really ambitious goal of hoping to replace ultrasound carts. While that may have collided with decades long practice and entrenched culture, this is one company that is still hoping to transform the practice of medicine. In this episode of Pivot, I speak with John Martin, chief medical officer of Butterfly Network, on the evolution of the company and its future goals.