Helping employers navigate healthcare in a post-pandemic world at INVEST Digital Health

MedCity INVEST Digital Health will be held in collaboration with Health Wildcatters in Dallas, Texas on September 28. Want to speak on a panel or pitch how your startup is addressing employee benefits and supporting employers and employees? Apply today.

Employers continue to reckon with the question of how best to serve their employees in a post pandemic world. They are figuring out whether to return to an in-person work environment, continue to work remotely or to strike a balance between the two. Although many employees have become accustomed to working remotely as it allows them to manage the balance of caring for their families and getting their work done, others struggle with social isolation.

Employers are faced with equally complex choices in the area of healthcare benefits. How do they balance the diverse healthcare needs of their employees while keeping healthcare costs manageable? Several startup, growth stage and established companies seek to address these questions in myriad ways from virtual-first care, improving the way chronic conditions are managed, to devising ways to manage or reduce the cost of treating complex conditions such as cancer and surgical procedures.

MedCity INVEST Digital Health will be held in collaboration with Health Wildcatters in Dallas, Texas on September 28. The conference will highlight some of these healthcare related issues from mental health to business models as well as financial considerations.

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Here’s a selection of the panels featured at the conference:

Can mental illness be addressed with technology and without drugs?

The pandemic and the isolation that it unleashed has brought mental health concerns to the fore. There has to be a strategy for addressing this epidemic but the question can this be done without drugs? Hear from tech companies that are aiming to leverage digital tools to address anxiety and depression.

Improving the financial experience in healthcare

Patient and consumer satisfaction isn’t only about better outcomes. It’s very much about the financial journey they have to endure. Whether it be prescription costs, costs for a hospital stay, or financial toxicity that can lead to medical bankruptcies, there’s a lot to be said about the financial experience in healthcare. How do we ensure that people don’t have to endure greater financial burdens while tackling troubling illnesses or chronic conditions?


Alex Oshmyansky, MD, PhD, CEO / Founder, Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

Florian Otto, Co-founder and CEO, Cedar

Can tech tools help employers wrangle health costs lower?

Employers have a plethora of solutions being sent their way to help them manage costs and provide great healthcare benefits to their employees. But are these new-fangled benefits truly helping them lower costs and engage employees?

Pitch Perfect: Employee benefits

Startups in this category are next-gen insurance companies, care navigation companies, or any startup that helps in improving and providing an ROI on employee benefits.

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Parth Desai, Principal, Flare Capital

Laura Veroneau, Partner, Optum Ventures

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