How to navigate the challenges of working with low-code platforms

Learn how planning for the strategic use of a low-code platform helps provide long-term benefits and helps to avoid issues resulting from suboptimal use of the products.

Low-code platforms such as Salesforce, Pega, ServiceNow and more, give organizations the tools they need to accelerate application development while reducing the need for additional IT-trained resources. But working with these companies comes with its own set of challenges. These platforms may come with applications that are not aligned with the company’s mission. Their user interface may make it more challenging to work with other partners. The underlying technology of their applications may degrade their functions. A new whitepaper from Ventech Solutions offers helpful guidance for how to mitigate the hidden risks low-code platforms present. It also presents a list of recommendations for addressing these challenges. To access the whitepaper, Optimizing Low-Code Platform Value, fill out the form today!