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Solera Health Expands Platform To Address Cardiometabolic Conditions

Solera Health added Ciba Health, Digbi Health and Wondr Health to its HALO platform. The companies treat conditions like hypertension and diabetes.

Solera Health, a technology company, has expanded its HALO platform to include solutions that address cardiometabolic conditions like hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and weight management, it announced Tuesday.

Phoenix, Arizona-based Solera Health is a digital health company that works with payers and employers to help match members and employees to point solutions. Using the company’s HALO Platform — which launched in October — customers can manage all of their contracted point solutions in one place, whether they’re part of Solera’s network or their own contracted solutions. Employees or members can also access all of their benefits through one web-based interface.

The new solutions on the HALO platform include Ciba Health, Digbi Health and Wondr Health. Ciba Health is a digital health platform that treats chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases and mental health disorders. Digbi Health leverages genetics and the gut microbiome to treat obesity and digestive health issues. Wondr Health provides behavior change programs for weight and obesity management.

“Chronic cardiometabolic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity are among the most prevalent in our country – and yet by treating them effectively, we are able to greatly improve quality of life, longevity, and the onset of other comorbid conditions,” said Dr. Byron Crowe, chief medical officer at Solera health, in an email. “By expanding our set of solutions spanning these conditions, we ensure that we have solutions available that span all levels of condition acuity, and account for the preferences and needs of diverse populations.”

He added that the solutions also have a focus on lifestyle changes at a time when medications like GLP-1s have been making headlines.

“For too long, the role of lifestyle change has been under-emphasized when managing cardiometabolic health, with much of the focus directed towards medication management,” he said. “The emergence of GLP-1s into the cardiometabolic health landscape is creating a renewed sense of urgency to help individuals make long-lasting lifestyle changes rather than simply turning immediately to medications. Our expanded suite of cardiometabolic programs on HALO creates new opportunities for patients to find a program whose approach resonates with them, giving them the best chance to succeed, reduce the impact of comorbidities, and avoid medication.”

In addition to supporting Solera’s employer and payer customers, the HALO platform has benefits for the solutions as well.

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“Joining the HALO platform enables us to bridge access gaps, transform the lives of millions more people, and accelerate growth for our company,” said Scott Paddock, CEO of Wondr Health, in an email.

The expansion into cardiometabolic conditions comes after Solera Health added virtual specialty care solutions to the HALO platform in January. These solutions included 9amHealth, Vori Health and Oshi Health. Other solutions on the platform include Sword Health for musculoskeletal conditions and Headspace for mental health.

Additional companies that serve employers and connect employees to a network of solutions are Accolade and Quantum Health.

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