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Hims & Hers Offers Access to GLP-1s Starting At $199 A Month

Hims & Hers is now providing access to compounded GLP-1s. Patients also receive unlimited medical consultations with a licensed provider.

As the nation grapples with a GLP-1 shortage, Hims & Hers is looking to improve access by making compounded GLP-1s available on its platform starting at $199 a month, the company announced Monday.

The San Francisco-based company is a health and wellness platform that provides support for sexual health, hair, skin, primary care, mental health and other areas. By providing access to compounded GLP-1s, consumers can get the same active ingredient that’s in Ozempic and Wegovy, but not have to deal with the shortage or price of the drugs. Patients also receive unlimited medical consultations with a licensed provider, which are included in the cost. The drugs are only prescribed if the provider considers it appropriate.

“We know weight loss medications alone do not treat obesity effectively,” said Dr. Patrick Carroll, chief medical officer of Hims & Hers, in an email. “Our comprehensive approach to weight loss comes with support from medical providers who understand the nuance of weight gain and weight loss. We’ve built a holistic weight management solution that combines personalized medication and ongoing medical support, with healthy food choices, regular movement, and consistent sleep.”

The drugs are supplied by a “leading U.S. manufacturer of generic and 503B compounded injectable medications,” according to the announcement. Once a supply of branded GLP-1s becomes available, the platform can support those as well. The company also provides access to non-GLP-1 oral medications starting at $79 a month.

Hims & Hers announced a new weight loss offering in December that offers medications, educational content and digital tracking tools — but initially held off on GLP-1s. However, the company felt now was the right time as patients struggle to access the medications amid the shortage, according to Carroll.

“We are now enabling access to compounded GLP-1s in order to ease the strain this shortage is placing on the millions of Americans who have obesity and are looking for help,” he said. “The elements preventing us from building a GLP-1 offering — pricing, availability of the active ingredients, confidence in the quality of the compounded versions of the drugs — have evolved significantly over the last year and, given our success over the last few quarters, we have found a way to mitigate those challenges on the behalf of our customers.” 

Hims & Hers’ announcement comes at a time when about 70% of American adults have obesity or are overweight. GLP-1s have proven to be effective in weight loss when combined with lifestyle changes like exercise and healthy eating, but also come with a hefty price tag. Several other companies are also providing access to GLP-1s to meet demand, including WeightWatchers, Found and Noom.

Looking ahead, Hims & Hers is focused on “delivering safe and affordable experiences for the millions of people who deserve to find success with a solution that has been personalized for their needs,” Carroll said. 

“Based on our extensive work in mental health – we’ve served hundreds of thousands of customers – we know that not all medications are right for all people,” he noted. “A broader offering that focuses on customer choice and personalization is critical to better outcomes — which is why we’re offering oral medications, compounded GLP-1s, and branded GLP-1s.”

Photo: Hims & Hers