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Talkspace, Labcorp’s Ovia Health Launch Digital Women’s Health Coalition

Talkspace and Ovia Health by Labcorp introduced the Women’s Health Coalition for Digital Solutions. Other founding member companies of the coalition include Conceive, Evernow, FitOn, Nurx, Cove and Nutrium.

Mental health company Talkspace and Ovia Health by Labcorp launched the Women’s Health Coalition for Digital Solutions on Tuesday.

The coalition is co-led by Talkspace and Ovia Health and aims to improve women’s health through technology and collaboration. New York City-based Talkspace offers virtual therapy, psychiatry and medication management, while Boston-based Ovia Health’s services range from menstrual tracking to family-building support to menopause support. Other founding member companies of the coalition include Conceive, Evernow, FitOn, Nurx, Cove and Nutrium. The coalition will focus on these key areas:

  • Integration of Services: Working with member platforms to improve the integration of women’s health services, specifically through employer benefits
  • Advocacy: Encouraging workplace policies that provide comprehensive women’s health benefits
  • Innovation: Advancing research and development in women’s health 
  • Resources and Support: Providing public resources and support to employers to help their female employees
  • Awareness and Destigmatization: Using thought leadership and initiatives to reduce the stigma around women’s health issues
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“We’re still in the beginning stages of planning, but ultimately, this coalition will work to raise awareness while using multiple channels to develop and deploy solutions to help deliver improved health outcomes for women regardless of where they are in their care journey,” said Corrinne Hobbs, general manager and vice president of Ovia Health Employer Enterprise and Strategic Partnerships, in an email.

There have been several advancements in the women’s health space, with the White House recently issuing an executive order to improve women’s health research. But while the women’s health sector is improving, more work still needs to be done, several experts say.

The creation of this coalition comes at a time when women face significantly higher healthcare costs than men. According to Deloitte, employed women pay $15 billion more per year in out-of-pocket healthcare costs than employed men. In addition, more than a third of women in the U.S. have missed medical care because of costs, the Commonwealth Fund found.

“Women face significant disparities in healthcare costs and access, and these challenges are compounded by the interconnectedness of physical and mental health,” said Natalie Cummins, chief business officer at Talkspace, in an email. “We launched the Women’s Health Coalition for Digital Solutions in response to the urgent need for comprehensive, accessible, and affordable healthcare solutions tailored to women’s diverse health needs — especially in workplaces.”

Ultimately, the coalition aims to “close the gender health gap, reduce the time women spend in poor health, and contribute to a healthier, more productive society,” Cummins added. She also encouraged more companies to join the coalition.

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