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How physician innovators can make medical devices more efficient

The Healing Innovation (HI) blog has spent the last year making the case for greater collaboration between the medical device industry and clinicians.  HI, however, has also blogged extensively about the conflicts of interests created by clinicians becoming PR mouthpieces for new products and clinical trial results. Although medical device companies spend large sums of […]

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Medical device startups: Is crowdfunding in their future?

I’m not sure why it has not received more attention in the medical device start-up world, but the Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act (EACA), which recently passed in the U.S. House of Representatives, has the potential to open the door to intriguing fundraising possibilities for individual medical device innovators and start-ups. Although the title of […]

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Can the VdE movement bring back U.S. domination in medtech?

Anyone been following the Value-driven Engineering movement (VdE)?  In response to President Obama’s “Winning the Future” initiative, the Austin BioInnovation Institute in Akron(ABIA,) has launched a national effort in VdE. According to ABIA’s website, “VdE Incorporates product design with targeted content,” which ABIA suggests will safeguard the U.S.’s leadership position in medical device innovation and […]

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An innovation dilemma: Surgeons becoming investors and customers

No physician inventor should apologize for making money off an innovation that improves medicine.  Certain orthopedic surgeons, however, have pushed a tenuous ethical line in how they distribute their own devices. Entrepreneurial surgeons have formed medical device companies to develop, manufacture and distribute implantable plates, rods and screws used to fix maladies such as spine […]


Giving up intellectual property to hospitals: The pros and cons

Researchers at universities, similar to employees of medical device companies, are accustomed to assigning patent rights to their institution in an employment agreement signed during the hiring process.  What may not be as obvious is that many non-academic hospitals are now including intellectual property (IP) rights in their physician employment agreements. Hospitals, especially large hospital […]