Microsoft uses TV white space for telemedicine in Africa

The switch to digital TV freed up radio spectrum formerly used by analog TV broadcasts for all kinds of new services. Now, count telemedicine to rural Botswana as one of those services. Microsoft has been taking advantage of unused broadcast frequencies known as TV white spaces to test the delivery of broadband Internet to remote parts of Africa. […]

Google Glass used to train African pediatric surgeons

A group of Los Angeles pediatric surgeons is trying to spread the use of Google Glass to Africa, where the device could help surgeons there overcome limited resources. Along with the Red Cross Children’s Hospital team, Dr. Phillip Frykma, Dr. Marc Levitt and Dr. Alp Numanoglu trained 18 surgeons from nine African countries on both […]

Maggots make a comeback as a cheap, non-antibiotic treatment for infected wounds

Hospitals in the developing world may be able to save money, and fight off antibiotic-resistant bacteria, with a cheap and readily available tool: maggots. BBC News is reporting that a pilot study at Kenyatta National Hospital has found an ancient technique called maggot therapy is reducing the need for antibiotics and long hospital stays for […]

Medical tablet could connect cardiology patients with doctors in Africa

Mobile technologies are rapidly being applied to the healthcare setting, but a recent development in Cameroon is thought to be a first “medical tablet” on the African continent. Arthur Zang, a 26-year-old inventor, has come up with the Cardio Pad, which is being tested in the small village of Mbankomo outside of Cameroon’s capital, Yaoundé. […]