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As gene sequencing, machine learning, powerful imaging, sensors, gene and cell therapies make their way out of academic labs into everyday healthcare, our approach to healthcare is changing. For the first time, not only can we pinpoint the molecular and genetic causes of disease, but we also have the technologies to access them. On the back of this, prevention and cures are becoming possible. Can we afford them?

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Alnylam drug succeeds in heart study, setting stage for FDA filing and showdown with Pfizer

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals drug Onpattro, an FDA-approved treatment for nerve pain caused by hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis, now has Phase 3 data showing it can also help the much larger group of patients suffering heart problems from the rare protein disease. An FDA submission is planned, which would pit the Alnylam drug in competition with a blockbuster Pfizer product.