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J&J launches Neuroscience Catalyst to seed academic spinouts

There’s a serious dearth of psychiatric drugs under development, but Janssen is taking a gander at speeding up innovation on that front. The project’s called Neuroscience Catalyst. Over the course of three years, Janssen and Johnson & Johnson Innovation plan to set up 10 research projects that examine mood disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological conditions. Working […]

No HIPAA escape hatch: Donald Sterling can’t strike doctors’ testimony about his mental state

Confused on the Donald Sterling trial? @writerkev joins the show to discuss. 6ET @FOXSports1 — America’s Pregame (@AmericasPregame) July 21, 2014 An interesting HIPAA-related angle in the Donald Sterling trial — the, ah, outspoken longtime Los Angeles Clippers owner can’t use medical privacy laws to strike doctors’ testimony that he has Alzheimer’s disease, […]