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How Six Sigma is holding back true innovation in healthcare

Today, most healthcare organizations operate in ways that are antithetical to innovation. The trend in patient-centered healthcare is to focus on stability, predictability, standardization and the avoidance of risk. Process engineers are deployed to help hospitals and healthcare systems eliminate waste and improve their organizations using Lean and Six-Sigma principles. Few operators develop an effective […]

What security worries HIT managers should have about the Internet of healthcare things

In this two-part blog series, I will discuss how the Internet of Things is impacting healthcare and provide best practices for data security and device management. It can be difficult to keep pace with the advances in Healthcare technology. Today, IT departments are reinventing their infrastructure to support a complex array of devices, huge volumes […]

Business model update: How medical device firms can attract more innovators

For years the standard operating procedure for the medical device world has been: Bring good tech to patients and be rewarded by the market. Healthcare reform and particularly the consolidation of doctor practices is making this model obsolete. Now the challenge is more along the lines of “Justify your existence.” Device companies have to revamp […]

Hospital patient profiling plan reads like a Daily Show story

If this story didn’t have a Bloomberg byline, I would swear it was from last night’s edition of The Daily Show. Hospitals are now buying consumer purchasing data to figure out who smokes, who has a car, and who shops at Walmart or Whole Foods. The idea is to identify high-risk patients and help them […]

5 options hospitals have for surviving the great Obamacare shake-up

Everyone knows that Obamacare’s intention is to change the care delivery model from fee-for-service to fee-for-quality. The biggest question for me is how long it takes for this transition to take place. Hospitals are at the epicenter for care delivery in this country (whether they should or shouldn’t be is a debate for another time). […]


Six simple strategies for building a physician leadership program

With all the hype about the importance of cultivating physician leadership, more organizations are engaging outside experts to help them build physician leadership development programs. Like many of the necessities brought on by health reform, this is a proposition that takes a significant investment on many levels. Building a leadership program internally is the best […]

Three advantages to leveraging claims data to forecast healthcare industry trends

By Robin Gelburd and John Wright As the ACA continues to drive rapid transformation throughout the healthcare industry, new decision risks are emerging for all of the stakeholders in this complex market. As industry players struggle to quantify the effects of current reforms on their business models, it is becoming evident that high-quality, unbiased claims […]

Three ways to increase your startup’s chances of getting acquired by GE Healthcare

Cultural fit, bundling potential and a focus on work force optimization. If your healthcare startup meets all or even two of these criteria, you’ll have a better than average chance of attracting attention from GE Healthcare. Mike Swinford, President and CEO Global Services at GE Healthcare, explained the thinking behind three recent acquisitions as well […]

Health IT

Athenahealth’s first inpatient product isn’t quite an EHR, but a ‘Trojan horse’ into hospitals

Athenahealth eventually will come out with an inpatient electronic health record, but for now, the Watertown, Mass.-based health IT vendor is content with bringing a clinical integration and communication engine into hospitals. At last month’s Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Orlando, Fla., Athenahealth introduced AthenaCoordinator Enterprise, which the company described as […]

Devices & Diagnostics

Cardiocom acquisition shows Medtronic is serious about expanding from devices to data

When Medtronic announced its acquisition of Cardiocom  earlier this week,  it was a big (and loud) move in shaping the company’s “now we’re a healthcare service provider”  strategy. But Cardiocom  only makes $40 to $50 million in revenue, relatively small potatoes for a titan like Medtronic. What does this announcement mean, really, then?  “The importance […]

MedCity Influencers

Is Brazil an emergent health IT market yet?

Brazil in all accounts has been categorized as an  emerging  market. However, is  its  healthcare market ready for a  sustainable  information technology transformation yet? A 21st century goal of a sustainable healthcare IT infrastructure will require crucial IT infrastructural implementations before hospitals and all other stakeholders in a national wide scale can benefit from information […]


Women in Health: Honesty + flexibility = long-term customer relationships

Susan Maley, vice president of sales and marketing at CaseNetwork, shared her negotiation strategy at CONVERGE in Philadelphia. She has found that being honest and willing to compromise is the best way to build lasting relationships with customers. “I think it’s important for customers to feel a win after the negotiations end,” she said. “Even […]