Medical Education’s Earthquake Kit

Stakeholders in the American healthcare system are aware the trajectory of its future is unclear. The only guarantee, as evidenced by the efforts involved in the assembly of the Affordable Care Act, is change. Physicians have bore testimony. Politicians have spoken. Business and legal experts have analyzed. However, little has been heard from those whom […]

Health IT

The doctor’s orders go digital and interactive

Isn’t it about time that doctors stopping handing patients packets of instructions before and after a procedure? Wouldn’t more rich and diverse content delivered right when it’s needed be a more effective way to teach and engage patients? Health IT company Wellbe took inspiration from the ubiquitous GPS in designing a tool that would help […]


One way the Cleveland Clinic is bringing kids into the wellness equation? Art

If good health during childhood sets the stage for adulthood, the Cleveland Clinic has some ideas for getting children interested. CEO Toby Cosgrove is keen on wellness initiatives, as demonstrated by the Clinic’s wellness program for employees and non-smoking hiring policy. The health system also reaches its hands into the community with several educational programs […]