Frost & Sullivan

Brace yourself for more agenda-setting conversations about personalized medicine

The ripple-effect of last week’s 23andMe news is just the beginning. A new study and an important genomics conference will only further highlight the opportunities coming in personalized medicine. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Future of Personalized Genomics, shows that genetic tests provided by companies straight to consumers via the e-commerce platform are more affordable […]

Devices & Diagnostics

Cardiocom acquisition shows Medtronic is serious about expanding from devices to data

When Medtronic announced its acquisition of Cardiocom  earlier this week,  it was a big (and loud) move in shaping the company’s “now we’re a healthcare service provider”  strategy. But Cardiocom  only makes $40 to $50 million in revenue, relatively small potatoes for a titan like Medtronic. What does this announcement mean, really, then?  “The importance […]