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How Nebraska’s HIE Is Leveraging Real-Time Data to Improve Maternal, Postpartum Health

The next generation of HIEs must think beyond the transfer of information and explore how they can use real-time health data to improve population health outcomes, according to the CEO of Nebraska's HIE. A key way that her HIE is seeking to improve population health outcomes is through a program it launched six months ago to improve equity in maternal and postpartum care through identifying high-risk patients and sharing real-time information with providers.

ONC shares lessons from six state health information exchanges

The ONC recently shared a case study on progress of state health information exchange programs, detailing the efforts of six states and finding both progress and gaps for the pursuit of interoperability. No surprisingly, the six states – Iowa, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming – had significantly different challenges given the differing populations, […]

Connecticut health information exchange dissolved, forced to start over

The state of Connecticut got high marks on its health insurance exchange, but when it comes to health information exchanges, it has a long way to go. The Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut, the state’s quasi-public agency created to develop a workable HIE, was recently dissolved “after wasting $4.3 million in federal grants and […]