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The ROI of Social Media in Healthcare

There has never been a more misleading term in business than social media. Healthcare executives have been trained to ask for the ROI of everything, but for some reason they put more focus on this when it comes to social than other traditional forms of media and advertising. Hospitals and health systems aren’t selling mugs […]

How to use video to get people to care about boring, complex topics

The video starts with an image that everyone understands – a game board. It focuses on the viewer’s stake in the game: what the government has to do to get copies of an individual’s email or web browsing history. The narrator uses movement around the board to illustrate a bureaucratic process. He uses humor. “Nice […]

Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge will be hard to replicate

The Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) ice bucket challenge has been spreading like wildfire for the last few weeks on Facebook and Twitter. Even those who are less social savvy can’t avoid the trend, which is all over the mainstream media. According to the website there have been 1.2 million videos (and still counting) uploaded to […]