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Physician Targeting Using Real-time Data: How PurpleLab’s Alerts Can Help

By leveraging real-time data that offers unprecedented insights into physician behavior and patient outcomes, companies can gain a competitive advantage with prescribers. PurpleLab®, a healthcare analytics platform with one of the largest medical and pharmaceutical claims databases in the United States, recently announced the launch of Alerts which translates complex information into actionable insights, empowering companies to identify the right physicians to target, determine the most effective marketing strategies and ultimately improve patient care.

Security company sees biometrics as one solution to prescription drug abuse

A security company wants to tackle the $55 billion cost of prescription drug abuse market using biometrics. Rx DrugSAFE is applying its technology to safely store prescription medications in lock boxes to prevent unintentional overdoses, particularly among teens. In an interview with Rx DrugSAFE principal Lorraine Yarde at the MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum, she said […]

Health IT

goBalto looks at ways to speed up clinical trial setup

A health IT company that has built a business from digitizing the process of setting up clinical trials and getting them underway plans to use a recent fundraise to speed up other aspects of clinical trials, including patient recruitment. In a phone interview with goBalto CEO Sujay Jadhav, he explained that the company has automated […]

Health IT

The Many Faces and Facets of EHR Interoperability

Interoperability is the ability to make sub-systems and organizations work together (inter-operate) for attainment of a common goal. In healthcare, implementation and connection of EHR systems and the data they collect allows for us to impact patient care to become a value-driven one for all patients. The opposite of interoperability is not the lack of […]

Azalea Health raises $1.5 million to help integrate SimplifyMD

One area of digital health where consolidation will continue to increase is the realm of cloud based services for physician practices. That includes apps tied to all the usual admin tools from billing to scheduling to prior authorization. One company that falls into that category is Azalea Health. The health IT company, which acquired Atlanta-based […]