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How Nebraska’s HIE Is Leveraging Real-Time Data to Improve Maternal, Postpartum Health

The next generation of HIEs must think beyond the transfer of information and explore how they can use real-time health data to improve population health outcomes, according to the CEO of Nebraska's HIE. A key way that her HIE is seeking to improve population health outcomes is through a program it launched six months ago to improve equity in maternal and postpartum care through identifying high-risk patients and sharing real-time information with providers.

Health IT

Healthcare data governance for AI

With the dramatic increase in the application of AI over gargantuan heaps of healthcare data, stringent measures for data governance have become even more indispensable in the interest of patient safety. Data is everywhere and is being produced all the time. Most of the routine tasks we perform, from making a simple phone call to […]

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Responsibility Matters: A Message from a Data Analyst

I recently read an article that raised the question of who owns your health data. By ownership, I am referring to who has the power to either access or give someone access to your medical information. There are many interested parties in knowing all about you for valid reasons: Your PCP wants to know what […]

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Single Providers – Key to Healthcare Reform

Representing nearly half of the healthcare sector, single providers are key players in the healthcare reform. EMRs, initially designed for hospital base use may have proved surplus to the needs of independent practitioners with a smaller patient base. However, with the recent shift towards coordinated care, the healthcare sector is changing quickly and recent trends […]

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What do ACOs bring to the table?

With the US healthcare system in shambles, there is a lot riding on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). In fact, most medical professionals today regard ACOs as the cornerstone of the healthcare reforms. “There is a need for a grand scheme; a vision that can align goals in the health community. ACOs offer just that”, says […]

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EMR – A drop in the bucket

The recent focus of the government is slowly shifting towards HIEs and interoperable systems as EMR adoption continues to rise. Many health IT experts argue that while EMR may have been the core of the health IT movement initially, its importance lies in building the support pillars for a new system that extends far beyond […]