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Medtronic-backed Intersect ENT finalizes enrollment for third chronic sinusitus solution

Intersect ENT, a California-based medical devices company with chronic sinusitus drug-delivery solutions, presented a company overview Tuesday at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. Chronic sinusitis, which can cause headaches, congestion, facial pain and breathing problems among other issues, affects one of seven adults in the U.S. The company’s tapped this largely unmet clinical need with […]

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Value, VCs and international markets: One industry leader’s answers on where medtech fits in

Medtech Women will focus on value in healthcare at its annual Vision conference on Sept. 10 in Menlo Park, Calif. According to the organization’s website, the group brings together medtech’s “business leaders, financial investors, researchers, physicians and experts in new product commercialization.” “A key pillar of the MedtechVision conference is fostering a forum that provokes […]