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Laser tool can diagnose malaria in seconds, study finds

Laser technology to diagnose malaria — one of the world’s deadliest diseases — succeeded in early trials. Rice University researchers tested an experimental laser device that can diagnose malaria in a few seconds. The ultra-rapid diagnostic may offer substantial cost savings in global efforts to combat malaria . The study has been published in the […]

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A one-minute test that could uncover malaria

When Brian Grimberg and a team at Case Western Reserve University began working on their Rapid Assessment of Malaria (RAM) device nearly four years ago, it was the size of a kitchen table. Today, the functional prototype is a handheld device that the team thinks can diagnose the tropical disease more quickly, simply and affordably. […]

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4 social media-savvy nonprofits using the Web creatively to make a difference in healthcare

We’ve looked extensively at how hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, entrepreneurs, doctors, patients  and medical schools are using social media. But there’s another group whose inherently social nature lends itself well to social media success: health-related charitable organizations. From the Red Cross to the American Heart Association, most nonprofit organizations today have a strong online presence, but […]