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Why aren’t venture capitalists investing in mental illness?

Academics still haven’t cracked the molecular code to understand what, on a basic science level, causes mental illness like schizophrenia. This is the core reason why investors shy from investing in this widespread condition, a panel of venture capitalists said at this week’s World Medical Innovation Forum in Boston. It’s not because the target market, […]

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J&J launches Neuroscience Catalyst to seed academic spinouts

There’s a serious dearth of psychiatric drugs under development, but Janssen is taking a gander at speeding up innovation on that front. The project’s called Neuroscience Catalyst. Over the course of three years, Janssen and Johnson & Johnson Innovation plan to set up 10 research projects that examine mood disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological conditions. Working […]


Three times as many people with mental illness are in U.S. prisons than hospitals

Psychological disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder and trauma-related disorders, are rampant among inmates, and mental illness itself is a risk factor for landing in jail. “We’ve, frankly, criminalized the mentally ill, and used local jails as de facto mental health institutions,” said Alex Briscoe, the health director for Alameda County in northern California. The statistics […]