Health IT

Hunting for Value in Health Care

What does value mean to you? If you’re in the market for a new TV, you want to know how good the product is and balance it against how much it costs. If it was near the Super Bowl, you’d want to know how fast you could get it, so you’d have it set up […]

Doctor-patient relationship status: “It’s complicated”

Granted, Valentine’s Day isn’t usually about celebrating patient-doctor relationships, it is interesting to look at what qualities and factors leave a patient more or less satisfied with the connection. Turns out, it’s mostly less. According to a recent Vitals Index, cost is the biggest factor when it comes to choosing a doctor. Whether or not […]

Vitals adds price transparency to doctor reviews with acquisition

Vitals’ acquisition of Compass Healthcare Advisers brings together two criteria that consumers can use to determine whether they want to see one physician over another: what other patients think of them and the price tag for their procedures. The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. Vitals CEO Mitch Rothschild told MobiHealthNews: “Anytime you decide on […]