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Nanomedicine – A Key Component to the Future of Medicine

Nanotechnology is making fast advances in medicine. I have written about it before here and in “The Future of Medicine – Megatrends in Healthcare.” A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. New science and technology based on the nanometer refers to the ability to manipulate individual atoms and molecules to build machines on a […]


AbbVie, angel investors restock nanomedicine leader Chad Mirkin’s pharma venture

For a Northwestern University biopharmaceutical spinoff, a second tranche of series B funding will push along preclinical development of gene-regulating therapies for multiple diseases. AuraSense Therapeutics isn’t disclosing how much was raised in the second tranche of its series B, but the company says funding came from AbbVie Inc. and angel investors including David Walt, […]

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Physician Targeting Using Real-time Data: How PurpleLab’s Alerts Can Help

By leveraging real-time data that offers unprecedented insights into physician behavior and patient outcomes, companies can gain a competitive advantage with prescribers. PurpleLab®, a healthcare analytics platform with one of the largest medical and pharmaceutical claims databases in the United States, recently announced the launch of Alerts which translates complex information into actionable insights, empowering companies to identify the right physicians to target, determine the most effective marketing strategies and ultimately improve patient care.


3 smart iPad accessories for anyone in a hospital

There are about eight halls of exhibitors at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show and I swear at least one of them was full of iPhone cases and nothing else. I just bought a Droid Razr and I hate the Otter Box that I bought with it, so I was quite disgusted that I couldn’t find […]


Improving cancer drug research technology wins nanotechnology startup $300K grant

As innovative new cancer therapies become more advanced and targeted, the tools used in researching and developing them should be improved and innovated too. Indiana-based Tymora Analytical Operations LLC is doing that by developing nanotechnology-based research products for life sciences R&D. The PolyMAC technology that it commercialized earlier this year could help researchers better assess […]

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All-in-one diabetes testing device combines lancet, nanotechnology

UPDATED 5/3/12 A startup hoping to redefine “all-in-one glucose meter” is looking for a $3 million boost for its one-click diabetes testing device that combines a lancing device with nanotechnology sensors that measure blood glucose. Pepex Biomedical Inc.’s blood glucose meter, the Trio, combines all of the diabetes testing materials in one device and replaces […]