Western junk food is making people fat all around the world

It’s no mystery why obesity rates are high in the U.S. with our plentiful array of fast food options and unlimited access to sugary sodas. But now other areas of the world are getting their junk food fix, which will affect rates in countries that traditionally have healthy, well-rounded diets. New studies, published last week […]

How Oklahoma City collectively lost a million pounds

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett is an innovative guy. He’s made many changes for the Midwestern city, including attracting an NBA franchise. But one of the most notable ones, as the country is seriously battling obesity and diabetes, was his initiative to help his city lose weight as a team. It started when Men’s Fitness […]

Is obesity a disability? Europe says yes. America says no.

There are plenty of opinions about whether or not obesity is a disease or a disability and even the psychological implications that might come along with such labels. Turns out the difference of opinion is quite drastic between Europe and the United States. On December 18, 2014, the European Court of Justice made a landmark […]