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3 key reasons why Americans are under-utilizing primary care

In order to engage more Americans in primary care, we need to understand the main challenges that surround primary care in the U.S., according to Dr. Stephen Ezeji-Okoye, Crossover Health’s chief medical officer. Some of these include the increasing shortage of primary care physicians and the lack of incentivization to focus on whole-person health and preventive care.

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Many preventive medical services cost patients nothing. Will a Texas court decision change that?

A key part of the ruling by Judge Reed O’Connor of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas says one way that preventive services are selected for the no-cost coverage is unconstitutional. Another portion of his ruling says a requirement that an HIV prevention drug therapy be covered without any cost to patients violates the religious freedom of an employer who is a plaintiff in the case.

Autopsy of a preventive care practice: How fee-for-service killed a wellness startup

Dr. Steven Charlap founded MDPrevent, a preventive healthcare clinic in Florida. He wrote a detailed obituary of his startup for The Atlantic. He built a team that included a health psychologist, registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, yoga instructor, health educator and nurse practitioners. The plan was for a physician to complete an initial health risk assessment, […]

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Medicare and the Continuing Loss of Primary Care Physicians

Primary care physicians (PCPs) have been marginalized by Medicare for decades with low reimbursement rates for routine office visits which has led to the 15-20 minute office visit with 10-12 minutes of actual “face time” and a panel of patients that well exceeds 2000. Is there a good solution to the Medicare cost and quality […]