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Telehealth benefits need extension with 2 key guardrails, policy expert says

If telehealth flexibilities are not protected once the public health emergency expires, many Americans will lose their access to virtual care. To prevent this, the healthcare industry must advocate for the extension of these benefits for at least two years following the end of the emergency, with guardrails placed around two key areas — the prescription of addictive medications and audio-only visits.

Health Tech

3 rules rural health systems must follow for virtual care success

Rural health systems should be the champions of virtual care delivery, according to Jim Weinstein, Microsoft’s senior vice president of health equity and innovation. He and Sheri Dodd, vice president and general manager of Medtronic Care Management Services, laid out recommendations for rural providers to establish scalable and sustainable virtual care programs during a conference held last week by Sanford Health.

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Teladoc can recover by looking at what Amazon did 20 years ago, Babylon Health CEO says

With the recent disclosure of its Q2 financial results, Teladoc’s losses have swelled to nearly $10 billion in the first half of 2022. Ali Parsa, CEO of competitor Babylon Health, said Teladoc can look at what Amazon did 20 years ago as an example of how to navigate an unforgiving economic environment, recommending the company reorganize its expenditures to ensure capital is allocated to areas that will differentiate it from its competitors.