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4 Lessons We Learned From The Change Healthcare Cyberattack

Healthcare industry leaders think there is much to learn from the Change Healthcare cyberattack, and they hope the sector can apply these lessons to prevent a hack like this from ever happening again. Overall, the chaotic aftermath of the attack underscores the dire need for a more unified approach to cybersecurity within the healthcare sector.

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Regulators get it right in Optum-Change case, a proper target for antitrust enforcement

In both word and action, the Biden administration has ushered in an aggressive new era of antitrust enforcement. Less than a year in, administration leaders have rescinded previous antitrust guidelines, sometimes without explicit replacement, and stopped pending mergers dead in their tracks. It is difficult to cast judgment on so broad a policy shift, but […]

MD Anderson, UnitedHealth devise bundled payments pilot for cancer care

A pilot program by University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and health insurance giant UnitedHealthcare is underway that will seek a new payment model for head and neck cancers, marking one of the first bundled payment initiatives specifically focused on cancer. The shift away from the fee-for-service model has largely been applied to primary […]

Optum Labs adds yet more partners for big data sharing

Optum Labs, co-founded by the Mayo Clinic and Optum, announced four additional partners to its big data sharing effort in an attempt to find improvements in healthcare: Harvard Medical School Department of Health Care Policy, Medica Research Institute, University of Maryland, Baltimore and Merck. Optum Labs, which is a division of UnitedHealthGroup’s Optum, is currently […]

Optum Labs making progress in huge data collaboration – 40 million lives worth

Optum Labs, an ambitious data-sharing effort between some of the biggest payers and providers, is picking up steam, gaining new partnerships that collectively could be a massive source of revealing information for nearly all corners of the healthcare sector. What started as a collaboration between Optum, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, and the Mayo Clinic […]

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It looks like UnitedHealth is acquiring Audax Health Solutions

UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) is poised to acquire digital health company Audax Health Solutions according to a filing with the Federal Trade Commission. The move reflects a growing priority among payers to develop and add tools to boost member engagement. Audax Health Solutions uses an interface that makes its healthcare assessment and challenge tools feel […]