The Big Opportunity. What a difference a presidential visit makes

Peruse the national headlines and you’ll quickly see the benefit Cleveland Clinic gets from a presidential visit in the midst of a high-stakes debate on health-care reform.

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A popular pastime in Cleveland this summer has been finding a fresh nickname for one of the newest members of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Shaquille O’Neal. Among the nominees: The Big Witness Protection, The Big Lake Effect, The Big OH or, in a change on the theme, Shaqer Heights.

One trip by President Obama and Cleveland Clinic got its own remake: The Big Efficiency or perhaps The Big Top Result At Costs That Are Lower Than The National Norms.

Not as catchy as Shaq’s offerings, but it shows how a hospital benefits from a presidential visit in the midst of a high-stakes debate on health-care reform (particularly when other hospitals are campaiging against his plan). The Cleveland Clinic got a little reputation polishing.

Here’s how the national media and blogosphere portrayed Cleveland Clinic (summarized in nickname format).

  • The Big Digital. “Obama nods to the Cleveland Clinic which “has one of the best health information technologies in the country.”
  • The Big Salary. “Its successes capture what real reform would look like. Like Mayo, the Cleveland Clinic pays its doctors a salary, rather than piecemeal, and delivers excellent results for relatively little money.”
  • The Big Philanthropy. “The clinic also pulls in significant revenue from philanthropy; it collected $183 million in 2008.”
  • The Big Famous. “Obama takes his campaign on the road today, with a town hall-style meeting in Cleveland and a tour of the famed Cleveland Clinic.”
  • The Big Role Model. “Today he holds a town hall meeting in Ohio at the Cleveland Clinic, a place he — just last night — called a role model for the type of health care change Americans want.”
  • The Big Emigrator. “Once best known as the hospital where fabulously wealthy foreigners came for heart surgery and other high-risk procedures…”
  • The Big Cost Control. “The clinic has been particularly successful in controlling the cost of state-of-the-art care, at least compared with its silk-stocking competitors.”
  • The Big Pitchman. “I wish someone at the Clinic would try to sell a few items to the President with the same enthusiasm and urgency that Billy Mays used to sell millions of dollars worth of OxyClean.”

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