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Too good to be true? This glucometer uses no needles or test strips (Weekend Rounds)

Life science current events this week include a bloodless glucometer, a fog machine that kills superbugs and highlights from the SCOTUS blog.

A review of life science current events reported by MedCity News this week:

Bloodless glucometer uses light to check blood sugar in 20 seconds or less. When will diabetics in the U.S. get a bloodless glucometer that will allow them to check their blood sugar without a finger prick? The short answer is, we don’t know for sure. But a company that’s wrapped up initial testing of its bloodless glucometer and closed a series B round of financing thinks it has a good shot at becoming the “first noninvasive technology with a real shot at diagnostic accuracy,” in the words of its CEO.

Ultrasonic fog machine kills superbugs throughout hospital rooms in minutes. The machine’s technology, developed in a partnership with ITT Exelis (NYSE:XLS), creates pressure waves at the surface of common liquid cleaning agents like peracetic acid or hydrogen peroxide and disperses a thick fog made up of sub-micron-sized droplets that spreads quickly throughout a room, clings to surfaces and eradicates harmful pathogens. An average-sized hospital room can be sterilized with the device in seven to 10 minutes and reoccupied within 30 minutes, said Altapure President Carl L. Ricciardi.

SCOTUS blog gets it right, highlights key points of Obamacare ruling. CNN and many other news media got it wrong this morning, but some of us were watching the live blog at SCOTUS blog. Here are highlights of the ruling from the commentary at SCOTUS blog.

St. Jude tries to solve the mystery behind the lone externalized Riata lead. Given how St. Jude Medical (NYSE:STJ) has promoted the near infallibility of the Durata defibrillator’s lead insulation, it was imperative that executives move fast when a report emerged that cables had poked through their insulation in one patient. That single report had caused the stock to slide 6 percent in a day. On Friday, just 10 days after the report emerged, the medical device maker announced that it had tracked the lead down to a Florida hospital where an analysis revealed that the cause for the wires coming out of their insulation was external abrasion.

Obamacare: FantasySCOTUS league, well-kept secrets and possible stock market winners and losers. Las Vegas is not offering any odds on how the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on the Affordable Care Act, but there is another informed source of predictions. The crowdsourced predictions from FantasySCOTUS expects the court to overrule the individual mandate but support the expansion of Medicaid.