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An Arizona doctor’s perspective on Theranos

Theranos is dealing with more push-back as its finger-stick blood-testing method gets put on hold at Walgreens locations before the FDA gives a final OK.

Theranos has been in hot water as of late with the help of the investigative Wall Street Journal article, which was followed by the company’s direct rebuttal of the facts presented in it.

But some physicians aren’t necessarily dissuaded by the question marks presented in terms of Theranos’ current credibility – specifically where the company has based most of it’s testing – in Arizona.

Keith Ginsberg, a family-practice doctor in Gilbert, AZ, has referred patients to the Theranos testing centers as an alternative to Labcorp or Sonora Quest. In terms of testing results, he said, “For the most part, they came back dead on. We did get a few discrepancies,” and in those cases he ordered patients to get retested at another lab.

He told The Arizona Republic he wasn’t concerned about the reliability of Theranos’ results, and he was generally pleased with the experience using the company’s services.

Ginsberg said Theranos provided him with discount cards allowing patients to initially try the company’s testing services for free. He said most patients appreciate that they can use the centers after hours or on weekends.

Ginsberg said he has closely monitored the accuracy of lab results coming from Theranos. He believes most lab results were accurate, but he said he has referred patients to other labs if the results seem off.

“As long as they are accurate, this is the lab I am comfortable using, but we have to be able to trust them,” Ginsberg said.

Here’s a video of Holmes discussing Theranos’ technology and FDA inspections at the WSJDLive 2015 conference

Photo from Flickr user Steve Jurvetson