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Morning Read: No one should be surprised pharma R&D is dismal

Also, bad news for Atara Biotherapeutics and an impressive local at healthcare startups that could help battle food poisoning.


Maybe Deloitte just doesn’t get it? This isn’t your mother’s pharma R&D. R&D today is M&A. R&D today is a tax inversion. So does it really matter that the projected return from products in late-stage development is now at 4.2 percent (a significant drop from even last year). – Financial Times

Here’s a nice overview and rundown of Google’s life science adventures: call it Verily For Dummies. – Re/code


Atara Biotherapeutics’ treatment of end stage renal disease has failed in a mid-stage trial and the company will stop developing it. Atara will unveil what’s next in a conference call this morning. – Business Wire

Never fear, Valeant has it all figured out. They’re hiring lawyers and public relations experts in Washington, D.C. with “political connections.” – Reuters

Roche got accelerated approval by the FDA for its lung cancer drug Alecensa. – Roche

Health for Life Capital, which invests in microbiome companies, had added another $175 million to its coffers. – Business Wire

Radiopharmaceutical company IBA Molecular is being sold to funds advised by CapVest Partners.- Business Wire


You’ll like this gathering of cogent opinions on the future of consumer-driven healthcare. – Forbes

We’ll just call this bad big data:big gaps in billing data are hurting medical reimbursement. – MedPage Today

Over 1,000 people, including 350 infants, may have been exposed to tuberculosis in the maternity wing at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in California. – The New York Times


A lesson in embracing your digital platforms: The British government is using Tinder to promote organ donation. – BBC

European medical booking company Doctena has raised close to $5 million to expand throughout the continent. – TechCrunch

Here’s a nice look at how healthcare technology could stop the next Chipotle-style food-poisoning outbreak (with nice mentions of companies 6SensorLabs, C2Sense and Consumer Physics). – Wall Street Journal


Confessions from a “lapsed” Obamacare supporter. – Forbes


Click if only for the first picture: Depressed people in South Korea are simulating their own funerals in order to feel better about themselves. – CNN

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