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How do EHR vendors perform across the globe?

Titled “Global EMR Performance 2017,” a KLAS report looks at how EHR vendors are viewed around the world. To unearth the findings, KLAS surveyed 215 organizations in 34 countries about their EHR systems.

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An EHR vendor isn’t viewed in the same way in every region. KLAS took a closer look at this idea by surveying 215 organizations in 34 countries about their EHR systems.

The subsequent report, titled “Global EMR Performance 2017,” analyzes the findings.

Overall, KLAS learned the performance of vendors like InterSystems and Allscripts highly varied by region, whereas Cerner’s performance didn’t vary quite as much. Epic’s consumer base reported strong guidance, and Meditech has helped various organizations move away from legacy systems.

Digging deeper, KLAS found Epic and Allscripts are the top performers in Europe. Cerner is good at working closely with clients, but numerous organizations said it’s up to the customer to be proactive in the relationship. ChipSoft does well in the Netherlands and has expanded to Belgium, but struggles to foster strong relationships. InterSystems, however, flounders in Europe, as resource problems have caused delays.

KLAS defined Canada’s EHR adoption as “mild to moderate.” Still, Meditech and Cerner both have “deeply adopted customers” (or HIMSS Stage 6 customers) in the country. Allscripts has a couple strong clients. While it can help customers strategize, many say those engagements come at an extra cost. As for Epic, its first live customer achieved HIMSS Stage 6 this year.

The EHR vendor picture looks different in the Middle East. There, InterSystems is the top company for public and private hospitals. However, KLAS found that not all InterSystems clients believe they have deep usage throughout their organization. Cerner is another big player, though only 50 percent of surveyed customers in the region think the vendor has partnered to help encourage deep adoption. Epic has a small presence as well, with two live customers in the area.

In Latin America, KLAS found that no EHR vendor excels in the area of customer satisfaction. MV, which primarily has clients in Brazil, is slow to give support and answer questions. InterSystems customers in Chile and everis clients in Mexico also indicated they don’t receive as much support as is necessary. Philips, whose customers are mostly in Brazil, has encountered issues in its transition from Delphi to Java. Additionally, Cerner has about five Millennium users in Latin America.

In the Asia/Oceania region, Cerner has the largest EHR footprint, primarily in Australia. InterSystems also excels among customers, who have been pleased with recent updates. Epic has two live clients in the area with deep adoption. Allscripts has also made its mark, with its customers reaching moderate adoption levels.

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