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Cerner, Lumeris team to create solution to help providers with value-based care

As part of a 10-year relationship, the companies will develop the Maestro Advantage solution and Cerner will acquire a minority interest in Essence Group Holdings, Lumeris’ parent company, for $266 million.

Cerner and Lumeris have revealed a 10-year collaboration through which they will launch a new offering: Maestro Advantage.

The solution is EHR agnostic, but it brings together Cerner’s and Lumeris’ technologies. While Kansas City, Missouri-based Cerner provides EHRs and other IT solutions, St. Louis, Missouri-based Lumeris’ technique revolves around value-based care.

The goal of Maestro Advantage is to assist hospitals participating in value-based care arrangements, such as Medicare Advantage and provider-sponsored health plans. More specifically, its aim is to make various healthcare-related activities easier, like claims processing and reimbursement cycles. The offering intertwines data and providers’ workflows, giving clinicians the opportunity to improve outcomes for patients in value-based plans.

In a statement, Lumeris chairman and CEO Mike Long noted:

Maestro Advantage creates a patient-centric healthcare delivery network. Prevention and wellness become the top priority rather than treatment and ‘sick care.’ Physicians and care teams will get access to timely data and easy-to-use, actionable insights at the point of care. Combined with a proven, value-based accountable primary care model, physicians can truly advocate for their patients, ensuring they receive better care and are more satisfied on their healthcare journey.

The companies plan to pinpoint specific health systems best suited for Maestro Advantage. They anticipate the first deployments of the offering will happen later this year. The tool will hit the broader market during 2019.

As part of the decade-long relationship, Lumeris will adopt Cerner’s HealtheIntent platform, a population health management tool.

Plus, Cerner has invested in Lumeris’ parent company, Essence Group Holdings Corporation. The Kansas City company will acquire a minority interest in Essence for $266 million, according to a financial filing.

Photo: mediaphotos, Getty Images