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Dignity Health, UCSF Health team on digital patient engagement tool

The two San Francisco-based entities have collaborated to create a digital platform aimed at helping patients navigate their care journey and connect with providers.

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Two San Francisco-based entities — Dignity Health and UCSF Health — have joined forces to create a digital platform aimed at helping patients navigate their care journey, get needed information and engage with the system.

Together, the systems will rely on the cloud-based infrastructure Dignity created for its hospitals. The platform will be hosted by Dignity Health, while UCSF will contribute its understanding of the patient experience in specialty care.

The effort has been divided up into numerous phases.

During the first stage, UCSF is redesigning its web and mobile user experiences and relying on Dignity’s technical know-how to rethink how patients receive information.

Eventually, Dignity and UCSF’s Center for Digital Health Innovation will look at how patients move through the healthcare system to develop a digital network that gives patients the right data and connects them with providers.

“We are committed to care for all, and are incorporating innovative digital experiences that are simple and enable patients to make better informed decisions about their health,” Dignity’s chief digital officer Shez Partovi said in a statement. “This collaboration between UCSF and Dignity Health will set a new national standard for how patients should be supported through their digital healthcare journeys with intensely positive and personal experiences.”

Ultimately, the organizations hope their platform can serve as a model for other health systems in the United States.

Photo: mathisworks, Getty Images