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Cedars-Sinai launches digital tool for wayfinding

As part of the latest update to the organization’s app, patients and visitors can make use of an interactive map and a variety of navigational features.

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Cedars-Sinai has unveiled a new approach that patients and visitors can use to find their way around its campus.

As part of the latest update to the organization’s app, users can utilize an interactive map and a variety of navigational features. With the wayfinding tool, they can pinpoint places like parking structures, elevators, bathrooms, reception desks and cafes.

To access the capability, individuals can download the Cedars-Sinai app or update it if they’ve already downloaded it. They can locate specific areas by searching by name, category, keyword or floor or by finding them on the interactive map. The app will then route them to their location in a similar manner to other navigational tools like Google Maps. Once they arrive at their destination, users receive arrival confirmation messages.

In addition to navigating Cedars-Sinai, people can use the feature to mark where they parked their vehicle. After marking their car’s location, they can later get directions back to their vehicle from anywhere in the medical center.

The overall app update is part of the organization’s wayfinding project, which incorporates a specific pedestrian route that connects major campus buildings and includes signage.

“With these exciting digital tools working hand in hand with the medical center’s new physical wayfinding resources, we’ve crafted a holistic approach to getting people where they have to be so that they can focus on receiving the care they need,” Cedars-Sinai chief patient experience officer Alan Dubovsky said in a statement.

The app’s wayfinding features have been specifically designed for Cedars-Sinai, the organization said in a news release.

This move is part of a growing trend of health systems harnessing digital technologies to help people avoid getting lost at the hospital.

For instance, last year, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston revealed an interactive map of its campus for patients, visitors and employees to use. The map is powered by technology from concept3D a software and services company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

Photo: Larry Washburn, Getty Images