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Cerner and CoverMyMeds team up for medication price transparency

The collaboration focuses on integrating patient-specific data into the EMR so providers can review prescription pricing information with patients.

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Health IT vendor Cerner and McKesson’s CoverMyMeds have joined forces in an effort to improve prescription price transparency within the EHR.

The collaboration focuses on integrating patient-specific data into the EMR so providers can review medication pricing information with patients. More specifically, Cerner customers can integrate CoverMyMeds’ RxBenefit Clarity solution into the Cerner Millennium EHR through Cerner ePrescribe.

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The ultimate aim of the collaboration is to give patients the chance to find care options that meet their medical and financial needs.

The functionality is now live at 261 hospitals and health systems and almost 1,600 clinics.

In a statement, CoverMyMeds’ director of clinical innovation Miranda Gill said:

We are collaborating with Cerner to help providers make personalized decisions for each of their patients when writing a prescription or creating a treatment plan. It is difficult for providers to have informed discussions with their patients that would help drive adherence when they don’t have accurate visibility into prescription price information and available assistance programs. We provide patient-specific benefit information to help inform providers’ clinical decisions and communication with patients that help solve for costly nonadherence, and ultimately help patients receive the medications they need to be healthy.

CoverMyMeds offers technology for automating the prior authorization process. It works with over 500 EHR systems, 62,000 pharmacies, 700,000 providers and numerous health plans and PBMs. Founded in 2008, the company was acquired by McKesson in 2017 and is now part of McKesson Prescription Technology Solutions.

As for Cerner, this isn’t the first time the vendor is working on prescription cost transparency. It also has a similar alliance with Surescripts. Through the implementation of Surescripts’ Real-Time Prescription Benefit tool into Cerner’s Millennium EHR, patients can get price information regarding their medications at the point of care.

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