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FirstHealth of the Carolinas will use HealthMyne platform to improve lung cancer screening

Founded in 2013 and based in Madison, Wisconsin, HealthMyne offers a quantitative imaging decision support platform for radiology and oncology.

Healthcare provider network FirstHealth of the Carolinas will implement a solution from HealthMyne, a Madison, Wisconsin-based company offering a quantitative imaging decision support platform for radiology and oncology.

FirstHealth, which is based in Pinehurst, North Carolina, will use HealthMyne’s tool to advance its lung cancer screening program.

Dr. Michael Pritchett, a pulmonary specialist at Pinehurst Medical Clinic and the director of the Chest Center of the Carolinas at FirstHealth, commented in a statement:

With HealthMyne, we will now be able to screen more patients and improve tracking and follow-up. We will also have access to more accurate information that will help us make better clinical decisions. Our reporting and communications will also improve with HealthMyne as information is automatically and readily available to the entire care team.

Providers can use HealthMyne’s cancer screening module to track and report on patients who are at risk of developing cancer. The platform can also track lesions, help determine whether patients are eligible for screening, inform clinicians when patients need follow-up and send notifications of biopsy and lab results.

Additionally, FirstHealth will use the HealthMyne solution to streamline preparation of patients in their multidisciplinary thoracic oncology conferences. The Wisconsin company’s tumor conference module allows clinicians to increase the number of patients that benefit from the knowledge shared in tumor conferences.

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Going forward, FirstHealth plans to use HealthMyne to pinpoint lung nodules found during other imaging studies outside of lung cancer screening. It will also use HealthMyne’s therapy response module to assess patients’ responses to treatment in clinical trials.

Founded in 2013, HealthMyne also secured a $15 million Series B funding round last August. Ascension Ventures led it while existing investors 4490 Ventures, WARF and Venture Investors also participated. The Wisconsin company said it planned to use the money to expand its commercialization efforts.

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