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Pillo Health introduces groundbreaking automation of multi-dose prescription packaging

All-in-one pill packing automation software streamlines pharmacies’ ability to fill multi-dose prescriptions that integrate into Pillo’s home health assistant.

Pillo Health, a digital health and technology company improving quality of life for
patients managing their health at home, today announced the automation of multi-dose prescription fulfillment enabled through the company’s patent-pending pharmacy consumable called Pharmacy Auto Load, or PAL.

Last year, Pillo Health introduced its proprietary technology platform which powers an in-home health assistant, Pillo. The technology leverages facial recognition and artificial intelligence to help patients maintain safety,
independence, and wellness in the home. Pillo proactively facilitates in-home health engagement by managing up to 28 prescription doses, triggering friendly, personalized care plan reminders, dispensing medication properly at the prescribed times, and providing users with fast access to caregivers with a simple voice command and built-in camera.

The new PAL tray provides patients with a convenient prefilled pharmacy consumable designed for seamless integration with the Pillo device. PAL removes the need for consumers to manually fill Pillo with multiple individual medications and ensures patients are taking the right medication and dosage at the correct time. Once the tray is placed within Pillo, other over-the-counter medications or
nutraceuticals may be added to PAL while inside of Pillo using the user-guided filling workflow; Pillo then updates the pharmacy on the added products.
Pillo Health is working with a provider of custom automation and software for multi-dose prescription packaging, which will allow pharmacies across the U.S. to fill the new consumable tray. Currently, the process of hand-packaging multi-dose prescriptions is time consuming, requiring concentration for both filling and checking processes. With PAL, pharmacies will be able to automatically and accurately fill, check, and seal multi-dose prescriptions in less time and with more accuracy than manual filling operations.

“PAL brings consumers the trusted expertise, convenience, and security of pharmacy fulfillment while providing the participating pharmacy with accurate and efficient automation,” said Emanuele Musini, CEO of Pillo Health.
“This scalable level of automation will not only streamline the packaging process but will also ensure precision to provide peace of mind and safety for both pharmacists and patients.”

For consumers, pre-filled, labeled, and secure pill packaging reduce the risk of a missed dose and prevent nonadherence. Pillo averages six daily engagements from consumers and empowers them to be a full participant in their own care through better use of their medications.

For pharmacies, Pillo generates real-time data on medication adherence, providing value to ease the process of medication therapy management and can be customized to increase customer loyalty and drive new revenue streams. The automation of multi-dose prescription packaging can be optimized for both low-volume and highvolume pharmacies to drive higher efficiencies and allow pharmacy teams to engage in deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers.

About Pillo Health
Pillo Health is a mission-based healthcare solutions provider that empowers organizations to deliver better care into the home with an engaging, HIPAA-compliant, voice-first technology platform dedicated to improving health
outcomes. Based in Boston, MA with an engineering team in Genova, Italy, Pillo Health, developer of both Pillo and Pria by BLACK+DECKER, supports connections between health organizations, patients and their care teams in order to improve the longevity and quality of life for those managing their health and independence at home. Learn more at www.pillohealth.com and follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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