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Solv raises $45M to build network of same-day appointments 

The startup, founded by several former Trulia executives, builds software to help healthcare providers with administrative tasks, including scheduling, registration and price transparency. 

Solv, a startup touting a network of same-day appointments, recently raised $45 million in funding. The San Francisco-based startup makes software to help healthcare providers with scheduling, registration and price transparency.

Corner Ventures and Acrew Capital led the series C round. Acrew is a returning investor, having previously led Solv’s series B round last year.

Solv plans to use the funds to build out its network of healthcare providers. The startup claims that 100 million people currently live within five minutes of a same-day appointment.

Most of the practices in Solv’s network are urgent cares, including pediatric urgent cares. The startup also connects patients to telehealth appointments, Covid-19 testing and vaccines.

Theresia Gouw, founding partner of Acrew Capital who is also on the startup’s board, said Solv saw its business accelerate during the pandemic, as more people sought out virtual care and rapid testing.

“Just as the financial crisis changed consumer expectations and drove innovation in fintech, we are seeing the same trends in healthcare because of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Solv CEO Heather Fernandez said in a news release. “By placing patients front and center, both sides of the healthcare system benefit, and we can move the industry closer to the future we are working to build.”

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Fernandez, a former vice president and general manager of business services at Trulia, co-founded the startup in 2016. Several other Trulia executives, including its former CTO, are also on Solv’s team.

Photo credit: JamesBrey, Getty Images