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That Israeli startup with the vibrating anti-constipation pills is conducting clinical trials stateside

That Israeli startup that’s, ah, shaking things up for the chronically constipated is now recruiting for U.S. clinical trials. Vibrant Ltd. has developed a vibrating pill that’s meant to enliven backed-up bowels. Here’s how it works: Constipated individual swallows pill. The pill, whose vibrations are controlled by the algorithms set by an external device, migrates to the large intestine. Natural peristaltic activity is […]

Marijuana legalization: “D.C. now stands for dank chronic”

On last night’s Colbert Report, the legalization of marijuana in Washington D.C. was highlighted, and Stephen astutely pointed out that should the munchies take hold, a Domino’s pizza guy could simply jump over the fence to the White House. “Thanks to the new law, we are never going to get Lincoln off that damn couch,” […]

Colbert on Ebola: We’re not all going to die, only 90% of us

The Colbert Report Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Colbert Report on Facebook After a short hiatus, Stephen Colbert is back in action, and of course, tackling the Ebola news coverage. He shares his concerns about the virus showing up in New York City, as opposed places he’ll never go, like Liberia or […]


Gender-blind premiums latest Obamacare news to tick off Colbert. ‘It’s guy-necologist, not gal-necologist’

What’s the worst Obamacare news? The real victims of Obamacare–“or, as most people call it, Barackacare”–are men, Stephen Colbert said on his show Monday. “Up until now, health insurance in America has always struck a delicate balance: Women paid higher premiums than men, and in return, men paid less. The system worked.” Letting the reels from […]