Google Glass

Google Glass startup Augmedix raises $16M

In a sign that Google Glass is perhaps not dead yet, San Francisco-based Augmedix said it has raises $16 million in a Series A round, enabling the company to target physicians with Glass combined with EHRs. The funding was led by the company’s seed investors, Emergence Capital and DCM Venturs. Augmedix has now raised $23 […]

Google Glass app used to help autistic kids

Autistic kids are making new progress with social and communication skills thanks to the Google Glass app Brain Power. Not only that, the app is giving feedback to parents in the process. The goal behind using the device is to help children understand facial expressions and emotions. The device’s accelerometer tracks head gestures to detect […]

Google Glass could be hurting more than your reputation

If you are ballsy enough to run around town sporting your Google Glass gear, hats off to you. Well you probably need to take your hat off to make sure it doesn’t obstruct your device, too. But you should know, your vision could be compromised. A small new study suggests that the software is not an […]

Google Glass used to train African pediatric surgeons

A group of Los Angeles pediatric surgeons is trying to spread the use of Google Glass to Africa, where the device could help surgeons there overcome limited resources. Along with the Red Cross Children’s Hospital team, Dr. Phillip Frykma, Dr. Marc Levitt and Dr. Alp Numanoglu trained 18 surgeons from nine African countries on both […]

Is Google Glass headed for extinction?

Is Google Glass quickly falling into the waste bin of  seemingly great but ultimately futile ideas? That’s the view from PC Magazine UK, which likens Glass, and it’s seeming drift toward irrelevance, to buzzword trends of technology and the internet of yore, including VCRPlus and “the once ubiquitous ‘keyword’ employed by AOL.” The backlash that […]