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Generative AI, RPM Were Among the Biggest Trends In Health IT Fundraising During Q2

Healthcare IT companies raised $1 billion in venture capital in Q2 — down slightly from the $1.3 billion raised in Q1 but up significantly from the $451.3 million raised in Q4 2022. Unsurprisingly, a lot of these investments were made in companies offering generative AI products. Another key trend was increasing cash flow to remote patient monitoring startups, likely caused by expanded reimbursement for these services.

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Un-Marketing your EHR

EHR Companies hire me to help increase leads, Period. Isn’t that the goal of marketing? Leads can be increased in so many different ways. The fundamental aspect of this is to create awareness of your company, brand and product. The challenge of course is to do this with a limited budget, limited resources and existing […]

Report: Health IT leads healthcare M&A activity

Mergers and acquisitions across healthcare, pharma and health IT are on the rise, having increased by 18 percent since the second half of 2013, with health IT outpacing all other segments, according to a report from Berkery Noyes. The aggregate value of all healthcare M&A activity jumped 46 percent to $5.45 billion from $3.73 billion. […]

Survey: HIT consultants better paid, happier than full-timers

A survey found that 43 percent of consultants working in the health IT realm were “very satisfied” with their jobs, while a meager 19 percent of full-time health IT workers felt the same way. The survey, conducted by Healthcare IT Leaders and called HIT Workforce Engagement Trends, also found that on the reverse end of that […]

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Heartbleed security vulnerability, healthcare IT and EHR systems

My son sent me a very detailed email that is so important I had to share it. Those of you who are tech savvy will have read about this, but for those of you haven’t read about it, please pay attention, as this is extremely important. On or about April 7, 2014, security researchers found a dangerous vulnerability […]

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What’s the latest LinkedIn group for healthcare IT?

If you want to get a sense of the level of interest in healthcare IT, look no further than LinkedIn. In addition to HIMSS, you’ll find numerous groups looking at the many different areas healthcare IT encompasses and overlaps with from digital health, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and physician entrepreneurs. Now there’s one more. Healthcare […]

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The latest gaming influence on healthcare? Holographs to amplify 3-D imaging (infographic)

There’s no question the gaming world has influenced recent developments in healthcare. Avatars, for example, have been entering the realms of health insurance exchanges, patient adherence and clinical trial collaboration. Actual games have been developed to help doctors identify symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, improve vaccine education, and help young doctors and nurses improve their […]

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Clinical trial compliance software provider NextDocs raises $5M

NextDocs, a software provider helping life science companies run clinical trials more efficiently, has raised $5 million, according to a Form D filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The goal of NextDocs is to help life science companies shift from paper-based to digital documentation and comply with regulators like the U.S. Food and Drug […]