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HealthPartners opens temporary retail store to provide insurance for seniors, individual buyers

In a growing trend of retail strategies being employed in healthcare, HealthPartners, a Minnesota nonprofit healthcare provider and insurer announced Wednesday that it is opening a retail location to provide a convenient setting for seniors and individual buyers of health insurance. The location at the Ridgedale Center mall in Minnetonka will be staffed by licensed agents. […]


Minnesota health provider creates wellness Web portal for businesses

A Minnesota nonprofit health provider and insurer is launching a Web portal for businesses who want to promote workplace wellness. HealthPartners announced Monday that the new interactive Web portal  can be customized to individual businesses to reflect its branding, customized for each individual employee who participates, and can integrate various health and wellness programs that […]


Minnesota healthcare provider partnership to target childhood obesity

Two Minnesota health providers are teaming up to fight childhood obesity and provide improved patient care. HealthPartners, a nonprofit healthcare provider and insurer, and Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota announced Tuesday that they are launching joint educational initiatives and programs by which urban areas can better deal with the problem of childhood obesity. The two […]


Medica ad campaign shows attitude, other health insurers could follow

Medica, one of the largest healthcare insurers operating in Minnesota, is showing some attitude with a new marketing campaign in the Twin Cities. Billboards, bus stop and skyway signs show a lesbian couple holding hands, an ear with a huge stud earring, a baby holding a toy block, and a woman with a little girl lying on a blanket. The message is that Medica has "plans that fit your life."


Healthcare reform: The more I know, the less I understand

The healthcare reform law is indisputably an emotionally charged, complicated piece of legislation that can thwart even the best intellects and intentions. Just take LifeScience Alley's seminar on how the law will impact Minnesota's healthcare industry. By my last count, I witnessed an unfortunate analogy, two Freudian slips, and an ill conceived attempt at humor...I think.


HealthPartners CEO: Nurses’ demand for patient ratios misguided

Count HealthPartners CEO Mary Brainerd as another healthcare official who neither buys the logic behind the nurses demand for set staffing levels, nor the union’s stated reason for embracing the issue as its rallying cry. Brainerd is hardly a neutral expert. HealthPartners, based in Minneapolis, operates three hospitals, all of them non-union. Yet as leader […]