Now there’s a periodic table for the Internet of Things

After the attention CB Insights got for its periodic tables for technology and healthcare, it has taken on the Internet of Things category and condenses the technology subsector into the most vital parts. It includes eight healthcare companies including the usual players like Proteus Digital Health and implantable glucose monitoring company Senseonics. It also spotlights […]


How dangerous IS that infectious disease? This infograph tells you

London-based data journalist David McCandless put together a pretty scatterplot about the relative dangers of infectious disease.  McCandless sums up the infograph nice: “It’s a statistical measure of how likely an infectious disease might spread through a population – if nothing is done to contain the outbreak.” Behold. Note: The X axis is the “basic reproduction number” – […]

This ugly chart sums up problems with Obamacare (and all government healthcare)

After reading the AP story “Silicon Valley struggles to speak FDA’s language” yesterday, this graphic resurfaced on my Twitter feed and served as a reminder of one of the reasons why disruption in this sector can be challenging, especially for outsiders trying to break into healthcare. Let’s get this out of the way first: This […]

Health IT

8 quick tips for live-tweeting a healthcare conference

This week’s mHealth Summit generated more than 15,000 tweets over the four days of the event — a testament to just how much social media has become part of the healthcare conversation. Twitter enthusiasts Tim France (@francetim) from Inis Communications and Tom Fowler (@GlobalHealthTom) put together this handy infographic on best practices for live tweeting […]