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Patients Want Convenient, Personal Care — But Staffing Levels Are Preventing Clinicians from Delivering It

Patients yearn for care experiences that are more convenient, personal and accessible. However, clinicians aren't doing a great job of delivering this kind of care, according to a new report. The staffing crisis has put clinicians under a lot of pressure — they feel they often don't have time to deliver adequate care of get effectively trained on how to use new technology.

Infographic: How healthcare technology can save lives

From the Department of Technology Is Good for Medicine — well, actually, from Mission Safety Services, Edmonton, Alberta — comes this infographic highlighting how medical technology saves lives. Left mostly unsaid, at least at the top of the graphic, is that information technologies are nearly as important as medical technologies. Left completely unsaid is that sometimes […]

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Sunshine online database registration is live for organizations, but what about physicians?

Spread the word: As of February 18th, biopharmaceutical/medical technology organizations and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) can now register and set up their accounts with the Open Payments/Sunshine online database. Biopharmaceutical/medical technology companies are required to register with the database. Registration and data submission will have two phases: Phase 1: This phase will run February 18th […]