Steven Nissen


Sharfstein’s FDA replacement: Why not Cleveland Clinic’s Steven Nissen?

FDA Deputy Commissioner Joshua Sharfstein's departure may be an olive branch to newly empowered Congressional Republicans. Replacing him with Cleveland Clinic's Steven Nissen would signal the exact opposite from President Obama. A Nissen nomination would symbolically show that Obama won't back down from a fight with Republicans -- and perhaps temporarily quiet a liberal base that sees him as at best too willing to cave to the GOP and at worst weak, ineffectual and just another opportunistic politician without any strong core beliefs.


Cerenis Therapeutics adds $13.9M for plaque-reversing heart drug

Ann Arbor, Michigan, biopharmaceutical company Cerenis Therapeutics added $13.9 million to a July investment round that it will use to continue clinical trials of a drug to treat heart disease. Cerenis will use its latest investment to do Phase II clinical trial development of CER-001, which mimics high-density lipid ("good") cholesterol and can rapidly reverse atherosclerotic plaque.


Nissen calls FDA’s Avandia decision ‘reasonable’ (Morning Read)

What does Cleveland Clinic cardiologist (and Avandia whistleblower) Steven Nissen have to say about Thursday's Food and Drug Administration decision to allow diabetes drug Avandia to stay on the market with significant restrictions? "I think it's a reasonable course of action and compromise. It will limit 99 percent of its use," Nissen told the Wall Street Journal (subscription required).


Avandia: the beginning of the end?

The British Medical Journal today raised more questions about whether diabetes drug Avandia should ever have been approved for patients in the United States and Europe, and whether the drug "may be about to fold."


Steven Nissen takes developer’s side of cholesterol drug debate

Dr. Steven Nissen, the Cleveland Clinic’s high-profile cardiovascular medicine chair, is staking his reputation as a drug-safety advocate on a shortened regulatory pathway for a cholesterol-fighting drug made by a Swedish company, according to a report in the May 31 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek. Nissen is interested in eprotirome, developed by Karo Bio AB, because […]


Night Read (Ohio): Christ Hospital Mount Auburn plans expansion

Two years after emerging as an independent with aspirations to become one of the nation's top hospitals, Christ Hospital in Mount Auburn hopes to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in the next decade, recruit more than 200 doctors to Greater Cincinnati and build a network of about five ambulatory centers around the region, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.